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I am just a fun loving family guy that enjoys getting no sunlight and 'coding through the night'. The stereotypical geek in a closet with big ideas.

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Brad Barnhill
Austin, TX USA
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University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Masters of Science in Nursing May 2011

Focused on generalized nursing and preparing for NCLEX, but with an emphasis on evidence based practice and quality improvement.

Served as Student Government Executive Council President (2010-2011).
Served on UT Presidential Advisory Search Committee.
Served on the UT Alumni Association Board of Governors (2010-2011).
Served on the Deans Council for Online Testing Policy.
Member of Student Technology Initiative Council.
Represented UT on Capitol Hill.
Member of Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT).
Worked for UT creating online simulations for the nursing department.
Imhotep Society (April 2010).
Passed the CNC Clinical Nurse Leadership certification.
Passed NCLEX-RN June 22, 2011.

University of Memphis

Masters of Science in Computer Science (incomplete 24/34 hours)

Focus on distributed computing and artificial intelligence studies during the course work.

Worked on a project to extract facial features from a database of photographs of known emotional expressions to define emotional states based on feature placement and relation.

University of Tennessee at Martin

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science May 2003

Primary programming languages were C++, Assembly, and C#.

Participated in the ACM programming contest annually.
Served as ACM chapter president.
UT Faculty Scholar (May 2003).



Staff Software Engineer, Android October 2022 - Present

Native Android development using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose on an application supporting the pharmacy for 1.5 million users. Helped mentor teammates and uplevel them through paired programming. Modernized the architecture for the pharmacy module while rolling out countless new features and functionality. Collaborated among multiple teams to cross-collaborate and drive solutions for the entire mobile organization.


Staff Software Engineer, Android July 2019 - October 2022

Native Android development on an application supporting the construction industry. Helped move team architecture to MVVM, while modularizing the application for faster builds. Saved 4.3 petabytes a year in traffic out of AWS through network conscious monitoring and optimization. Mentored other engineers and helped grow them toward their goals. Built an automated CI pipeline to remove any human interaction during the build, testing, or release process. Improved builds through Gradle optimizations and caching to reduce build times by 400%.

CBS Sports

Sr. Software Engineer, Android Feb 2017 - July 2019

Native Java/Kotlin Android development on a large consumer application with over 1.6 million active users and 10 million downloads. Met sprint goals while maintaining the conversion of antiquated Java codebase to Kotlin. Helped establish streamlined team processes to ensure quality and confidence in completed projects. Architected modular design to promote cross-team component reuse. Frequently communicated with devops to find and facilitate CI improvements. Project lead for a 3rd party integration requiring in-depth knowledge of requirements and implementation details resulting in a successful and on time launch.

Cerner Corporation

Sr. Software Engineer Aug 2015 - Feb 2017

Software Engineer Feb 2012 - Aug 2015

Native Android development in Java with an agile team for a rapid deployment of a new product to interface with a RESTful API. Managed team resources, and developed the framework for the team’s processes at the same time as writing solid code to meet deadlines. Other skills used at this position are peer code reviews, Git repository management, general code maintenance, architecture and design. Build environment configuration (Jenkins) and policy management. Java service debugging and development.

Argo Data Resource Corporation

Certified Programmer I Nov 2011 - Feb 2012

Design, write and maintain software as part of a team in a banking environment that catered to some of the largest banking institutions in the USA. Duties included writing specification documentation, test cases, project design, and writing code in several languages (VB, C#, JavaScript, XSLT, ADS, and HTML) in a multi-tiered environment.

Methodist Healthcare

Registered Nurse (Medical ICU) Jun 2011 - Nov 2011

Scheduled, coordinated and delivered care for complex patients in a 16 bed ICU. Worked with an interdisciplinary team to coordinate and organize care plans for the needs of the unit's patient population. Delivered patient care to patients with varying degrees of complex disease processes.

Full resume available ...


Starting out as a developer I began life as a C# enthusiast. Coding everything under the sun in C# and loved every minute of it. Now days I have refocused on mobile development and have found my place in the realm of Java development for the Android platform. I never consider myself an expert because it would give me nothing to look forward to learning if I reach the pinnacle of knowledge like some think they have.

  • Android (Kotlin/Java)
  • C#
  • SQL

Client Testimonials

  • Brad focuses on not only the maintainability of a product, but moreso on the user's experience with it. In doing so a product he's involved with will be left the better for everyone who has stake in it.

    -Justin Hamsley

  • I worked with Brad at AIMS Logistics. He was great to work with and easy to get along with. One of his greatest strengths to me was his ability to communicate. Being responsible for the IT infrastructure it was imperative that we always have good communication along with a good working relationship.  -Joe Behling

  • Brad Barnhill's strength is that he cares about all the details of his work equally vehemently. Small issues like incorrect keyboard tab-key order in a user interface, or a slightly inefficient database query, although at opposite ends of the software spectrum, do not escape his scrutiny.
    -Marshall Porter

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